You can now dye your light switch covers to give your room a pop of color!

When I heard that Rit Dye launched a new product called Rit DyeMore that would dye synthetic materials I just had to try it out!  It’s every bit as cool as I had hoped, you can actually dye many plastics and other synthetic materials now!  The results are bright and fun.  There are so many new possibilities.  I have a feeling my craft projects are going to be a little bit more colorful from now on!

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Rit DyeMore can be found on Amazon or

This project is from my Summer 2015 issue!

You will need:

Rit DyeMore in the color(s) of your choice

plastic light switch covers in white - available on Amazon or your local hardware store

  1. I used two colors on each of my covers. I prepared and dyed with each dye bath separately.
  2. prepare the dye bath for your first color on the stovetop as stated in the DyeMore instructions on the bottle.
  3. dip dye half of your cover until it reaches the desired color.
  4. allow to dry completely.
  5. prepare the second color dye bath.
  6. repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other half of the cover.
  7. install the light switch cover on your wall according to manufacturer instructions.


Rit DyeMore will work on most synthetic materials.  I experimented with many different items to find materials that took the color best.  It’s such a fun process!


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