Before electricity, it was a tradition in some Muslim cultures to climb up to high elevations with lanterns in hand to help spot the crescent moon; the sighting of the moon indicating the beginning of Ramadan or Eid.

Today, amongst some Muslim cultures, lanterns still remain a symbol of Ramadan. These decorative lanterns feature the crescent moon and star, which is the emblem of Islam. It’s a useful symbol to help communicate that Muslim holidays follow the lunar calendar.

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You will need:

recycled glass jars
glass enamel paint, purple and gold
masking tape
18-gauge wire
foam brush
small brush
  1. Thoroughly clean glass jars, making sure to wipe down with a glass cleaner as well.
  2. Paint the interior of the jars with 3 coats of purple paint using the foam brush.
  3. Print out clipart, reducing or increasing size to fit jar. Cut out the negative space to create a moon and star template.
  4. Secure the template to the jars with masking tape. Use a small brush to paint the moon and star with gold enamel paint.
  5. Take the 18-gauge wire and, using pliers, make a small hook at each end of the wire by folding it back onto itself.
  6. Wrap the wire around the rim of the jar and secure to the hook. Then shape the remaining wire into a handle and hook down.


Photography by Crafts+recipes by Manal Aman | Styling by Paul Lowe | Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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