My friend Lova made these lovely paper lanterns both from an old damaged book as well as beautiful new art papers.

From Lova: “When I was at Brimfield Market with Paul I found a storybook called The Yellow Princess. It was in bad shape. I bought it and combined the pages with other papers I had lying around and made these cute paper lanterns. They are fun to make and you can easily vary the shapes. Smooth papers will bend smoothly and papers with more fibers in them will give a rougher look.”

Paper - I used a combination of pages from old books as well as art paper from the paper store

Paper towel tube to use as a form

Scissors or Craft knife

Paper glue

  1. Cut out rectangles of paper. A good size to start with is 5”x7” for the inner layer and 6.5”x7” for the outer layer.
  2. Shape and glue your inner layer to the paper towel tube.
  3. In the paper you want to use as the outer layer, cut stripes. Keep .5” at the top and the bottom uncut. For the lantern that is hanging in the picture, you can fold the paper in the middle and cut with a pair of scissors. If you cut with a craft knife instead, you can chose not to fold it at all or to fold it at a level that is not in the middle, which will give different shapes.
  4. Glue the top and the bottom of the outer layer to the inner layer.
  5. Let dry and remove the paper towel tube.
  6. Cut out a handle and glue it to the inside of your lantern.
  7. They are pretty as they are, but if you wish you can use a battery candle inside or hang them on a string light. Don’t use live candles!


Search out old books at flea markets and garage sales -- if the cover is damaged but the pages are intact, you can use them for craft projects!

Photography by Susanna Blåvarg | Crafts & Styling by Lova Blåvarg

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