These mushroom shaped garden ornaments look amazing in the garden and they're really fun to make!

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You will need:

quick-set cement

sphagnum peat moss or potting soil


large flat container

recycled 20-oz soda bottles and

water bottles

recycled cardboard tubes (from

paper towels and toilet paper)

freezer paper or wax paper

Duct tape

plastic wrap or recycled plastic bag

  1. There are 2 methods to create the stems of the mushrooms: a. Choose a cardboard tube of desired length, and cover one end with duct tape and line the tube with freezer paper or wax paper to create the mold b. Create a mold by cutting the bottom off a soda or water bottle but leaving the plastic cap in place.
  2. Mix cement from 1 part each of the quick-set cement, sphagnum peat moss or potting soil, and sand.
  3. Pour the wet cement mixture into the mold and let cure.
  4. Once the cement is set, cut off the mold with a craft knife and let the cement dry completely.
  5. To create the caps of the mushrooms, fill a large container with sand and use your hands or the bottom of a bowl to create cap-shaped depressions in the sand.
  6. Line the depressions with plastic wrap or a piece of a recycled plastic bag to create a free-form mold.
  7. Make the same cement mixture again and pour into the mushroom cap molds.
  8. While still wet, press the end of the desired stem into the wet cement. Allow cement to cure completely.
  9. Once set, remove the completed mushrooms from the sand and stand upright.
  10. Allow to dry completely (a few days) before placing outside in your garden.


Photography by Colin Cooke, Crafts by Jim Noonan

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