These ornaments will look amazing in your yard or garden!

You will need:

lamp globe (search at an antique or junk shop; or buy at a lighting or hardware store)

flat-bottomed glass marbles or nuggets (found at or

silicone adhesive/sealant (found at any hardware store)


  1. Start with the opening of the globe facing upward and put a generous bead of silicone around the mouth of the globe.
  2. Press flat part of marbles into the bead of silicone, forming a ring around the mouth of the globe.
  3. Apply another generous bead of silicone below the first row of marbles and attach another row of marbles.
  4. Once the first two rows are done, turn the globe over and continue attaching marbles, stacking them in rows and attaching with more of the silicone, until the entire globe is covered. Alternate colors, patterns, and sizes of marbles as desired.
  5. Allow silicone to set for at least 24 hours before putting the globe outside in your yard or garden.


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