Celebrate Summer with a Swedish-Style Crayfish Party!

You will need:

Crayfish Hat Printouts - download below!


Paper Glue

Hot glue

Elastic for chin straps


Summer Issue - Crayfish Hat Summer Issue - Crayfish Hat (4808 KB)

Read our full Crayfish Party story in our SUMMER ISSUE.


The hat printouts were created by our super talented Craft Editor, Lova Blavarg!

  1. Download and print out as many pages as you would like to make hats for.
  2. Cut out the hats from the printouts.
  3. Glue the two parts of each hat together using paper glue.
  4. Hot glue elastic to each hat to use as chin straps.
  5. Just add crayfish... and PARTY!


In Sweden, kräftskiva is celebrated in August, but you could really throw your party whenever you can get the BEST crayfish!

Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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