These ornaments are in the shape of an 8-pointed star, one of the most prominent symbols in Islamic art and architecture.

As Emma Clark describes in her book The Art of the Islamic Garden, the star represents God’s throne. The eight points represent each of the eight angels that will flank Allah’s throne on the Day of Judgment as described in the Quran (69:17). In Islamic tradition, when God created the heavens and the earth, He rose above His throne and inscribed on it “My mercy supersedes My wrath,” meaning God is more gentle, kind, and loving than He is anything else. In this way, the 8 pointed star becomes a symbol of having hope in God’s mercy. In Ramadan, this sentiment of having hope in God’s mercy is especially high, making the 8 pointed star a relevant symbol for the occasion.

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You will need:

air drying clay
purple and gold acrylic paint
bamboo skewer or straw ribbon
foam brush
small brush
  1. Roll out clay and use the template to cut out 8 pointed star shapes.
  2. Make a hole on top of each ornament with a bamboo skewer or straw.
  3. Once dry completely, paint entirely in purple with a foam brush.
  4. When the purple paint has dried, paint each point of the star gold. You’ll be left with a purple octagon in the center.
  5. Cut out the smaller 8 pointed star from the template, including its negative space.
  6. Use a pencil to trace the template onto the center of the clay stars. Be sure to trace around the outside and inside edge of the template.
  7. Paint inside the pencil tracing with gold paint.
  8. Add ribbon and hang.


Photography by Crafts+recipes by Manal Aman | Styling by Paul Lowe | Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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